Common Rowing Mistakes – A Complete Guide

The rowing machine is blowin’ up but did you know mistakes in rowing technique don’t just cost you a loss in performance but can also lead to injury! Learn how to fine, or greatly, tune your technique so you can row harder, better, faster, stronger AND with less injury.

Increasing VO2 Max with Pranayama

VO2 Max isn’t just for endurance athletes. In fact, you can improve your VO2 Max, aka: cardio-respiratory health, without even breaking a sweat! The science backs it up too!

How to Set the Rowing Machine Damper

That little dial of plastic seems simple enough but so many people are sent straight to their PT if it’s set incorrectly, or you’re told to set it incorrectly. Here, I’ll demystify the Concept 2 damper.

Body Composition

We are all given this one flesh suit to accompany us through this life and everyone’s suit is, mostly, made up of the same stuff. But did you know there is an entire ancient science around the type of body we’re each born with?

Different Types of Strength Training Programs

On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to weight lifting, just pick up heavy things and put them down. There is no one size fits all though so the best way to train will depend on your goals.

21 Benefits of the Rowing Machine

Magic mirror on the wall, what’s the best cardio equipment of them all? Why, the rowing machine my dear! Learn 21 benefits of this cardio (and strength) powerhouse.

69 Fun Fitness Ideas to Get You Moving

You know being physically active has a plethora of benefits but you hate running and you’re also feeling like you don’t know where to start. Fear not, there are limitless ways you can move your body and this post is hoping you find something among the list of 69 options that may inspire you.